CAUSE MARKETING : Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation
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Cause Marketing consists of a partnership between your business and the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation (WCCF) that allows you to make a difference while also promoting your organization. The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation will promote your partnership publicly through various channels, including our social media platforms.


You have the ability to choose how you would like to support the WCCF. Here are some ways that organizations have supported the WCCF in the past through Cause Marketing:


  • Donate a portion of your proceeds/sales during a selected duration of time (i.e. one month, one week, one day)
  • Have some fun organizing a fundraising event with your staff and donate the proceeds
  • Market a specific item or service with a portion of proceeds supporting the WCCF


If you would like to consider Cause Marketing with the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation, contact Jenny McGregor today.
EMAIL  | 519-254-5577 Ext. 58634