Cause Promotions

Cause Promotions & Social Responsibility

Local organizations do a great job of coming up with creative ways of doing “social good”. From a branded beverage to a specific “item of the month” to a single day fitness bonanza, there’s no shortage of ideas to bring customers and the community together with cause promotions supporting the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation. Looking for ideas? You can check our resources on Planning a Fundraiser. If you’ve already got your idea set, and are interested in chatting with us to work out funding and logistics, reach out to Jenny McGregor, Manager of Fundraising. Her contact info can be found at the bottom of our Contact page. Although many organizations gear up to support Lock Out Cancer in May and Grow On Windsor in October, there are unique opportunities to partner with our team for cause promotions outside these campaigns. This is where niche promotions can get really creative, and be really successful!