Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation | Clinical Tools & Equipment
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Clinical Tools & Equipment

Funding state-of-the-art equipment to provide high quality, timely diagnosis and treatment.

The Cancer Centre Foundation receives requests from the senior management team of the Cancer Program for current and future funding needs. We invest in the purchase of a variety of tools and equipment that enable the dedicated staff to provide more timely, and effective and efficient care, to make patients more comfortable during their cancer journey.


Examples of such equipment include vital sign monitors, triple channel I. V. pumps, recliners with heat and massage, CAT scan and simulator machines, MRI machine, mobile procedure carts, Zephyr transport table, ultra sound equipment, and much more.

Community Donations at Work


The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation has had tremendous community support.

These are your donation dollars in action:

Building Enhancements

  • Building enhancements, including flooring, lighting, furniture, wood, and stone accents
  • Healing Gardens Maintenance, including seasonal flowers/plants
  • Outdoor water garden
  • Patient pager system
  • Piano in lobby
  • Stained glass above radiation therapy machines and throughout building
  • Televisions in waiting areas and monthly cable


  • Patient recliners for delivery of blood transfusions
  • Hill Rom beds
  • Recliners with heat and massage
  • Triple Baxter Colleague I.V. pumps and poles
  • Portable workstations
  • Computers/monitors for Hematology Clinics
  • Construction of 3 new exam rooms, exam tables, computers


  • Construction of 2 new exam rooms and computers
  • 2 Rhinolaryngoscopes with digital cameras
  • CT-compatible wing boards
  • Brachytherapy – equipment, training, and seeds
  • Brachytherapy cystoscope and camera system
  • Digital cameras
  • Faxitron Digital Specimen Radiography System
  • High resolution ultrasound system
  • Navigator Gamma Guidance System
  • Prone Cranial Spinal Axis Kit, Tilt Base and Indexing Bars
  • Prostate Brachytherapy Stepper / Stabilizer
  • Sun Nuclear ArcCHECK 4D Isotropic Arc Delivery QA and Cavity Plug
  • Wing boards
  • Zephyr Patient Transport System


  • $2.2 million to local cancer Researchers and their Teams
  • Cancer Smart Funding to Windsor Cancer Research Group


  • Mobile procedure carts
  • Biblios wireless computers
  • Air mattresses for in-patients
  • Welch Allen vital sign monitors
  • Blood pressure machines
  • Cameras for Linac
  • Compu-cutter assembly
  • Computers for research projects
  • Contribution to Windsor Regional Hospital’s 64-Slice CT Scanner
  • Crash cart
  • CT Scan and Simulator
  • Defibrillator
  • Dictation system
  • E-Charts
  • Flowmeters
  • Lymphatic mapping procedure pack
  • Massage table
  • MRI Suite construction, unit, and Breast Coil attachment
  • Nucletron couch
  • Scandtronix Wellhoffer Beam Scan Stretcher mattresses
  • Transducer probe and bed
  • Treatment planning computer program
  • Videoscopic Laryngoscope
  • Videoconferencing equipment for telemedicine appointments with patients and/or family members, meetings with community partners


  • Breast implants for cancer patient reconstruction
  • da Vinci Surgical Assisting Robot
  • Laparoscopy Tower
  • Sonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner

Ontario Breast Screening Program

  • Mammography patient chair
  • Waiting room chairs

Patient Care & Comfort

  • RENEW Survivorship Education & Exercise Program
  • Blanket warmers
  • Image Enhancement Program (wigs)
  • Patient Assistance Fund
  • Robes for Radiation
  • Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery Program – includes areola tattooing reimbursement

Education & Awareness

  • Canadian Oncology Certification for cancer program nurses