Equipment | Windsor, Ontario | Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation
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The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation provides funding to the Windsor Regional Cancer Program
to purchase equipment that is not covered by the province.

Here are a few examples of state-of-the-art equipment that has been funded by the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation:

CT Simulator


Real-time, 3-D treatment planning system, which consists of a CT scanner, a multi-image display, a treatment planning device with real time visual optimization and a laser beam projector. Used to determine the best possible treatment plan for cancer patients.

Brachytherapy Equipment


Items purchased include a cystoscope, camera system, stabilizer, steppers, stirrups, and much more. Brachytherapy equipment is used for internal radiation therapy to effectively treat prostate cancer patients.

da Vinci Surgical Assisting Robot


Facilitates surgery using a minimally invasive approach and is controlled by a surgeon from a console. Allows prostate cancer patients to receive less invasive and less painful surgery with quicker recovery and lower risk of post-operative complications than from conventional surgery.



A scope used in common exams performed by our Oncologists to give them a close-up view of the larynx and throat. This allows the Oncologists to provide outstanding care to our head and neck cancer patients.

MRI Machine

A medical imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues in the body.