Jamie's Story | Windsor, Ontario | Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation
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Jamie’s Story






My cancer journey didn’t start with myself, it started with my mother. About 7 years ago after my dad passed, my mom found out she had breast and bone cancer. She had to stop working and couldn’t afford to stay in her home for 30 plus years. I decided to renovate her attic and move in to help her financially and take care of her.


This was my first experience with the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre and the doctors and nurses couldn’t have been better. They cared about more than just cancer, they were there for moral support as well as quality of life support. They became like family, and they were always going above and beyond to make my mom smile. They always made her feel like she was more than just a patient. Unfortunately, she passed on Feb. 28, 2021, 7 years from the day of my dad’s passing.


It was in November 2018 that things took a turn for me. I started having seizures, they had to take my driver’s license, and it was so bad I couldn’t work any longer. This was the main source of my issues from something called Post Concussion Syndrome, and it was because of this that doctors were checking for other possible problems, and cancer it was.


From there, things moved quickly. The level of compassion shown by the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre was second to none. When I first started chemo, the nurses did everything they could possibly do to make my situation better, I couldn’t have asked for more, but I did want to give back.


While being in the chemo suite for 4-5 hours every day I would see many other patients who were sad, quiet, and just trying to get through the day’s treatment. So as a magician, I decided to see if I could change that. I started doing magic for patients and the families in my area, which brought smiles where smiles were difficult to come by.


Going through cancer myself was and is a battle, but being able to pay back the kindness I received not only helped others but also helped me. Seeing smiles on patients’ faces during even the hardest times made both myself and the staff at Windsor Regional Cancer Centre very happy.


The nurses at the Cancer Centre not only did anything they could to help me spread smiles, but they also gave me the idea to start a YouTube show “The Best Magicians You Have Never Heard Of”. This helped me in more ways than I can describe. Being sick all the time obviously sucks, but I couldn’t imagine how anyone could have made the experience any better for me.


Today I still have appointments, scans, tests, treatments, and even phone calls just to ask me how I am. But it doesn’t matter what I’m going through now or in the future, with the Cancer Centre on my side I can beat anything.