Jim's Story | Windsor, Ontario | Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation
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Jim’s Story






I retired on July 1, 2012. Ten days later I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


I had no symptoms, only what I thought was a slightly elevated PSA score. Instead of enjoying all my planned retirement activities, I spent the next several weeks learning all I could about prostate cancer and the various treatments available.


The Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, and what was then the brand-new Men’s Health Program, was there for me when I needed them.


At that time, we didn’t have the option of state-of-the-art robotic-assisted prostate surgery here in this region. Fortunately, I was able to arrange for my robotic surgery to be done in Hamilton, although it still involved an agonizing 6-month wait.


The final biopsy classified my cancer as a fairly advanced stage 3, but the surgery was successful in removing the cancer and my follow-up tests have been clear. I was lucky.


It was hard traveling back and forth to Hamilton for consultations, tests, and the surgery itself, especially during the winter months.


With the help of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation and LOCAL fundraising, we now have our own da Vinci surgical robot.


The more we can support our men’s health issues LOCALLY, the better it will be for our patients and their families.


As a survivor, I can now enjoy my retirement activities…….family, grandkids, golfing, and walks with “Charlie”. I’m also thankful that I have an opportunity to give back to our community through Rotary, Prostate Cancer Support Windsor/Essex, and Grow On Windsor.


So, in the month of November, when there is a focus on men’s health, what better cause than this to support? With one-in-seven odds of getting prostate cancer, it’s certain that some men in our community will benefit from your donations in the years to come.