What You’ve Funded

Here’s a look at some recent purchases made by the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre with funds by the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation. While the province covers funding for some of the equipment listed below, your generous donations mean we can provide more equipment, better serving our cancer community right here in Windsor.

Recent Purchases

  • VITAL SIGNS MACHINE: $6,215.00
  • EACH NEW HOSPITAL BED: $4,504.00
  • BLADDER SCANNER: $13,000.00

Thanks to tremendous community support, our Foundation has, to date, raised over $30 million dollars!

It’s important to note that 100% of funds raised remain local and ensures our Cancer Program remains one of the leading programs in Ontario. Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, we have funded the purchase of vital equipment that is not covered by the province. This equipment assists patients by reducing wait times, providing added comfort and delivering precise treatment. Most importantly, we have provided convenience for patients to receive treatment locally reducing the need to travel.

The Power of Automated Monthly Donations

While large ticket items often appear on the wish list of the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, there are plenty of smaller items that, if available, will transform a patient’s experience during their appointment. Below is a list of regularly purchased items that are on hand in part because of our generous monthly donors.

What’s it All For?

Above all else, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation raises funds to enhance care for cancer patients in our community. DID YOU KNOW: 2 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime*. Chances are, we will all love someone with cancer.

Fundraising for vital equipment above and beyond what is provided by the Province of Ontario means more local patients will have better access to care right here in Windsor. The ability to receive better care at home means less travel up the 401, and more time spent around the support of family, friends, and loved ones.

*SOURCE: Canada.ca