Who We Are


Driven by a promise to serve our cancer community, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation raises funds for all phases of cancer care.

Our promise is to treat everyone like a member of our own family, while maintaining compassionate accountability, and a commitment to raise funds for local cancer awareness, research, and treatment.

Thanks to tremendous community support, over $30 million dollars has been raised to date!


The core values of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation are Compassionate Accountability, Commitment, Local, and Family.

You’ll see our values represented in the tree starting with Family at the root of it all.

Our commitment to these values for our cancer community, along with the incredible efforts of our donors and volunteers, are what makes the branches and leaves flourish.


The photo above includes almost every one of our dedicated staff and board of directors.

In the top row (from left to right) you’ll find Cealia, Sean, and Monica. In the middle row you’ll see Bobbi, Mia, Brooke, Jonathan, Stephen, and Sandra. Down in front you’ll find Lauren, Brandy, Dr. Hakam, Kim, Houida, and Chantel. Members of the team regrettably not pictured are Desmond, and Dr. Kanjeekal.