Support Crafty Givers

What is a Crafty Giver?

Local entrepreneurs and organizations are creative at finding ways of doing “social good” in our community. These creative businesses have chosen to support the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation by donating a portion of the proceeds from these participating products and services.

We are so appreciative of these local Crafty Givers, and we’re pleased to showcase their participating products. Once you decide to make a purchase inquiry, you’ll be directed to the Crafty Giver’s website, where you’ll find all the product, purchase, and order details. Once you navigate away from our site, you’ll be in the great hands of these Crafty Givers. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their products.

We thank these generous Crafty Givers for their efforts to support cancer awareness, research, and treatment for patients in our region. See below for a list of Crafty Givers and the products and services available for purchase in support of cancer awareness, research, and treatment for patients in our region.

Interested in Becoming a Crafty Giver?

Crafty Givers is the name we’ve given to the Cause Marketing efforts in the community. Becoming a Crafty Giver means you’re interested in supporting the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation while also promoting your brand and your commitment to doing social good. Here’s some Crafty Givers ideas to get you started:

  • Donate a portion of your proceeds during a predetermined time frame (a month, a week, a day)
  • Raise funds doing fun activities amongst your staff in support of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation
  • Create and market a specific item or service with proceeds supporting the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation

Reach out to Jenny McGregor, Manager of Fundraising. She’ll sit down with you and put together a plan that promotes your fundraising efforts. Her contact info can be found at the bottom of our Contact page.


Crafty Givers

Buy a Stesha Bella Tshirt

Stesha Bella Photography is a local photographer serving Southwestern Ontario. They created these beautiful shirts to help raise awareness of their brand in the community; but that’s not all. They wanted to have a bigger impact with their brand awareness campaign, and have chosen the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation as the organization to support. $5.00…

Buy a Believe Board
Crafty Givers

Buy a Believe Board

Purchase this beautiful, locally handcrafted charcuterie board and support the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation. Huge thank you to Twindad Designs for this fundraising initiative. These customizable boards are $200 each, including taxes and shipping fees. $25.00 from each board sold will be donated to the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation. Twindad Designs is a small family…

Crafty Givers

Buy a Smile Tank

Happy to See You Again Vintage is a lovely local online shop! They procure, preserve, and prepare articles of clothing for their second, third, and even fourth chances at new lives! They also create small batches of brand new items, like this Happy to See You Again slouch tank. Happy to See You Again Vintage…

Crafty Givers

Buy a Culture Box

519Culture is a premium gift service company from right here in Windsor/Essex. They specialize in corporate and custom gifts, using locally sourced products and services. Working with other local brands, 519Culture is committed to strengthening our community and economy. Their community efforts don’t stop there! 519Culture is currently selling the 519Culture Box with 100% of…