The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation provides funding to the Windsor Regional Cancer Program to purchase equipment that is not covered by the province. Here are a few examples of state-of-the-art equipment that has been funded by the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation:

Additional equipment purchases include:
  • High resolution ultrasound used for treatment planning and options for prostate cancer patients, including a bladder scanner and ultrasound guided equipment
  • Videoconferencing equipment for telemedicine appointments and Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences
  • (MCCs) where patient cases are discussed with multiple disciplines such as Radiology, Pathology and Oncology
  • Laparoscopy Tower used for endoscopy procedures
  • Blood pressure machines
  • Navigator Gamma Guidance System used to locate and map tumours
  • Faxitron Digital Specimen Radiography System used for capturing and saving electronic photos during procedures
  • Refrigerated centrifuge used in Clinical TrialsMulti-head microscope
  • Tissue processor for prostate cancer patients
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) used to diagnose lung cancer
  • Various equipment required for the PET/CT Scanner, including a defibrillator, blanket warmer, and more
  • Dictation system for electronic patient charting
  • Various computers, including Artificial Intelligence computer, used for treatment planning, research, patient charting, and more
  • Communications system for Call Centre to accept calls and assist patients
  • Vital signs monitors and stands
  • Triple channel IV chemotherapy pumps with power packs
  • Mobile procedure carts and mobile supply carts at each chemo bed/chair
  • Flowmeters to assist in delivering chemotherapy
  • Recliners with heat and massage in systemic suite
  • Patient recliners for delivery of blood transfusions
  • Hill Rom beds for patients
  • Vein Finder
  • Cameras for radiation treatment machines
  • Transducer probe and bed
  • Assembly of the Compu-cutter
  • CT-compatible wing boards for patients to lay on during treatment
  • Prone Cranial Spinal Axis Kit, Tilt Base and Indexing Bars to position patients during treatment
  • Various items for quality assurance including the Blue Phantom, Sun Nuclear DQA3, Sun Nuclear
  • ArcCHECK 4D Isotropic Arc, OnBoarding Imaging x-Ray, IC Profiler, and the microSTARii System (including single dosimeters)
  • Equipment to assist with positioning patients properly, such as prone breast boards, immobilization
    devices, and electric exam tables
  • Dry heat warming drawer for thermoplastics which is required for patients with head and neck cancers

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