Local Cancer Research

The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation funds locally based innovate cancer research. Read on to learn more about our our annual grant awards program:


In nine years, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation has awarded close to $2.2 million to local cancer researchers and their teams through the Seeds4Hope grant awards program. The WCCF understands that research is integral to a cancer patient’s hope. Previous Seeds4Hope projects have played an important role in making scientific cancer discoveries, improving treatments and enhancing support and outcomes for survivors.

Current Project: A $30,000 research grant from the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation’s Seeds4Hope program will fund research into providing better support for members of the LGBTQ2+ community who have received a cancer diagnosis. 

This WCCF’s significant investment was celebrated today as three new grant recipients were awarded two-year grants totalling $270,000 for studies in brain, colorectal and lung cancers. Dr. Swati Kulkarni, Dr. Sabeena Misra and Dr. John Trant received their grant certificates and shared details of their research projects.

Dr. Kulkarni – to develop a brain tumour screening model to advance what we know about brain tumour biology, accelerate testing of new promising drugs and to optimize individualized therapeutic options for this aggressive cancer
Dr. Misra – to examine tumor specimens from young-onset colorectal cancer (CRC) patients and determine if there is a molecular profile that is associated with development and progression of cancer in these patients. This will help guide targeted treatment strategies and identify patients who may benefit from ongoing clinical trials
Dr. Trant – to design vaccine candidates that could provide an approach, complementary to current therapies, to improve both the quality of life and survival rates of lung cancer patients. All three projects involve multi-disciplinary research teams of clinicians and bench scientists and significantly advance the awardees research programs
“This is very exciting news! I look forward to working with the team of dedicated researchers.” (Swati Kulkarni)
“I hope that this project will provide answers that will alter the course of a cancer that has touched so many lives. This project is very close to my heart and I am thankful for this opportunity. ” (Sabeena Misra)

“I firmly believe that we will transition this funding into results that will help us to accomplish the long term research goals of our program: developing an anticancer vaccine. This will be a Seeds4Hope in the truest intent of the program!” (John Trant)
Houida Kassem, Executive Director of WCCF, adds “We are proud to support local research programs that are making much needed contributions to our community.” Michael Dufresne, Seeds4Hope Administrator explains, “the awards presentation is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the local cancer research culture, to express heartfelt thanks to Windsor/Essex, and to celebrate together what has grown from the research “seeds” planted through the generosity of donors and the dedication of our world-class local researchers.”

Additional Seeds4Hope grants include:

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