Lock Out Cancer

Lock Out Cancer is an initiative empowering cancer patients in our community. Symbolized by ceremonial locks and sponsored keys, You’ll find beautiful reminders in and around the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre’s Healing Garden.

The notion of Locking Out Cancer can be very healing.

The Healing Garden is a tranquil and beautiful space where patients, staff, and visitors can sit and be one with nature, and Lock Out Cancer from their minds, even if only for the moment.

As well, beautiful lock and key jewelry is available for purchase, as a personal keepsake for anyone in our community committed to locking out cancer.

100% of funds raised through the purchase of these items stays local. This initiative funds equipment and programs that reduce wait times, provides added comfort, and helps keep more patients close to home while receiving treatment.

Lock Out Cancer Ambassadors

The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation’s Lock Out Cancer campaign has had many incredible Ambassadors as the face of our yearly campaign.

Ambassadors are local cancer patients who have come forward to share their powerful stories as they navigate their diagnosis, treatment, and the amazing support they’ve received from our community.

Their stories continue to provide strength and hope to thousands in our community. Click on the button below to meet our past Ambassadors, and read their powerful stories.

Impact Of Lock Out Cancer

Since its inception in 2018, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation’s Lock Out Cancer campaign has raised over $1.2 Million in support of cancer patients in our community. Lock Out Cancer began as a campaign supporting women’s cancer care. Because of this powerful campaign, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation has supported the launch of a Breast Reconstruction Program, which continues to be fully operational today.

As the campaign evolved to support cancer patients in our community, funds have been raised in support of Dignity Robes, the RENEW wellness program, Robes for Radiation, Refrigerated Centrifuge for clinical trials, and the region’s first ever Multi-Head Microscope. You can learn more about the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation’s impact on local cancer care.