Amazing volunteers assist the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation in many ways by generously donating their time.

There are two types of volunteering with the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

The first is through Windsor Regional Hospital and are given scheduled shifts of usually 4 hours, Monday – Friday, 8 – 4 PM. You sit with cancer patients, greet them, talk with them, take them where they need to go, etc.

The second is with the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation as an Occasional Event Volunteer. Availability of events are sporadic, as we go through busy seasons and less-busy seasons. We may have ten events in one month and then two months with no events!

If you are interested in volunteering for the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation or for one of our affiliated events, please complete the volunteer application below. After you submit, one of our Team Members will contact you.

If you prefer not to fill out the form below, you can download a pdf application. After it is complete, you can mail it to us or attach it to the form on our Contact Page.

Online Volunteer Application Form

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