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Diagnosed in December 2021

Paula DeVito

Paula witnessed first-hand the power of sharing her story last year. Her daughter in law Monica pledged to raise $2,500 in Paula’s honour for Monica’s 25th birthday.

I’m proud to say, in 2022 Monica raised over $12,000 for the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation.”

“If my story can continue to raise funds and help local cancer patients, then I’m happy to be a 2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassador.”

What Does It Really Mean To Say ‘I Have Cancer’?

Paula DeVito

Paula received her diagnosis in December 2021. Here’s how she describes the moment she found out:

I thought to myself, ‘How can I have cancer? What are we going to tell the kids?’ I looked at my husband and reassured him that although I may be a little different afterwards, we’ll get through this together.

I knew I needed to stay as positive and optimistic as I could.

I knew I just had to beat this. But that didn’t stop the waterworks from flowing once I processed the news.

Paula describes her experience with cancer:

Cancer was a huge part of 2022 for me. I received my diagnosis in December 2021 and it was the most shocking news. At first, I wondered if I even understood what that really meant.

I thought I knew what cancer was, but I didn’t know what it meant to say that I have cancer…

I quickly learned. For me, it meant a Lymphoma diagnosis, a deep brain tumour removal, five rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell treatment and in-patient rehab. In all, I spent 269 days in the hospital.

What was it like to receive treatment at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre?

If you are lucky enough to have incredible family, receiving treatment close to home was truly a blessing. I was able to receive so much love and support through it all. My family was by my side to laugh with me and cry with me. They are my everything!

There are also so many people that become your family.

The nurses. They become part of your family. They shared my hardest moments and gave me tremendous support.

After facing cancer, what’s something you want to share with others who have not been diagnosed?

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is the most shocking news.

No matter what, never give up.

Anything is possible. Keep your family and your faith close to you.

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2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassador

Paula Is One Of Five 2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassadors

2023 lock out cancer ambassadors

Every year, Ambassadors are chosen for their willingness to share their story, and raise awareness in support of local cancer patients in our community. In 2022, there were an average of 50 women in for Radiation treatment and 40 women in for Systemic (chemotherapy) treatment, PER DAY. In that same timeframe, women accounted for over 57,000 visits to the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre for treatment and care.

100% of funds raised from our Lock Out Cancer campaign stay local. This campaign funds initiatives that reduce wait times, provides added comfort, and helps keep more patients close to home while receiving treatment. 2023 Ambassadors (pictured) are Tina Roy, Paula DeVito, Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Pam Mady, and Kathleen Turner. Each has a unique and powerful story to share.

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