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Diagnosed in January 2016

Tina Roy

Tina has been asked many times if she was ready to share her story. With a public career, she was apprehensive about opening up. She did not want her clients to lose confidence in her, or feel as though they’d be bothering her. She declined a number of opportunities to speak about her diagnosis. As more people in her life have faced cancer, many have come to her for comfort and guidance.

This made me realize how much we need each other to lighten our journey and share a positive experience. I want to share some sunshine.

How Will I Choose Positivity Through My Cancer Diagnosis?

Tina received her diagnosis in January 2016. Here’s how she describes the moment she found out:

“So, what’s next?” were the first words out of my mouth. I remember feeling focused – not sad or emotional. My heart and mind were in a positive space, and I was ready to take all the help I could get. I just needed to figure out how I was going to get through this.

Tina describes her experience with cancer:

Going through cancer diagnosis, treatment, side effects, follow up appointments, it certainly is a life-changing experience. My physical experience with cancer was definitely challenging. However, emotionally, it changed me for the better. Now, I put tremendous value on time. More so than ever before. Time is always at the forefront of my mind when deciding how I spend it and who I spend it with.

What was it like to receive treatment at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre?

While some make blanket statements about the state of healthcare, my experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

I was well cared for, listened to, made to feel comfortable, and accommodated at all times. The nurses, doctors, and support staff inside the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre were amazing!

After facing cancer, what’s something you want to share with others who have not been diagnosed?

Your mind is an incredible thing. It can pick you up and carry you through life’s toughest days or it can take you down. The best part is that YOU get to choose! You get to choose each and every positive perspective.

Your body may never be the same, but you get to choose how you feel about it.

Be proud, accept what it is and make the best of each and every day. Not everyone is granted that opportunity.

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2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassador

Tina Is One Of Five 2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassadors

2023 lock out cancer ambassadors

Every year, Ambassadors are chosen for their willingness to share their story, and raise awareness in support of local cancer patients in our community. In 2022, there were an average of 50 women in for Radiation treatment and 40 women in for Systemic (chemotherapy) treatment, PER DAY. In that same timeframe, women accounted for over 57,000 visits to the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre for treatment and care.

100% of funds raised from our Lock Out Cancer campaign stay local. This campaign funds initiatives that reduce wait times, provides added comfort, and helps keep more patients close to home while receiving treatment. 2023 Ambassadors (pictured) are Tina Roy, Paula DeVito, Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Pam Mady, and Kathleen Turner. Each has a unique and powerful story to share.

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