Heather Chauvin 2024 Show Us Your Brave Ambassador

Heather opens up about her cancer diagnosis and the impact she feared it would have on her family. For her best chance at thriving, Heather had to put herself and her health first. This is her story.


“What If I Don’t Survive This?”

Heather, a 2024 Show Us Your Brave Ambassador was forced to focus on her own health and well-being after her cancer diagnosis.

Heather has always put her family first. When the tables turned and she needed to lean on loved ones for support, she was thankful to be close to her husband and three children during treatment.

Read on for Heather’s inspiring story, or watch as she recalls her own experience.

“Truly, when you’ve gone through anything in life, it’s cyclical. At the end is giving back. That’s why I love being an Ambassador; you get to give back to other people who may be a few steps behind.”

Heather Chauvin

Heather Chauvin, Bravely Shifts Her Focus

Heather has always been laser focused on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of her family. When the doctor said the words “you have cancer”, her first instinct was to comfort and console her husband as he took in the news.

“I looked at him and just looked how broken he was.” Heather recalls. In the beginning of treatment, she remembers the volume of doctors appointments and treatment plan discussions that left her feeling extremely overwhelmed. Heather felt like a burden to her family.

“I just remember trying to make everybody else feel okay.”

After she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Sporadic Burkitt’s Lymphoma, Heather was forced to put herself first. And it was her family’s turn to be by her side as she underwent cancer treatment here in Windsor. Thankfully, because she was treated locally, her husband and three children could be with her often. One night, Dr. Hamm entered her room with a phrase Heather will never forget. Dr. Hamm said, “Your body is responding! We’re going to be okay!”

From that moment on, Heather vowed to change her outlook on life and prioritize her own health for the sake of not only herself, but her entire family.

While loved ones commended Heather’s bravery through treatment, she recalls initially struggling through her diagnosis, and battling the voice inside that just wanted to give up, but Heather wouldn’t give in.

“Today I’m thriving. My mindset now is ‘How good can I feel?’ How good can life get?’

Heather’s Message To Our Community

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