2023 grow on Windsor ambassador

Steve Gregetz Is Teaming Up For Grow On Windsor

“I know that I’ve benefited a ton from past donors. Their generosity makes our facility what it is today. Please know that whatever you can give will help everyone else that walks through those doors.– Steve Gregetz

Read his story, watch his incredible video, and team up to show your support.

Sharing His Story

Steve Gregetz was born and raised right in the heart of Riverside, in Windsor. A lover of music, hockey, and the outdoors, Steve is enjoying retirement alongside his partner Umbelina, and spending time with his son, Lucas. Watch his recorded interview or read his story below to find out how this incredible Grow On Windsor Ambassador is advocating for world class cancer care close to home, just as he received while in treatment.

“As Ambassadors, we need to share our stories, and get the message out to people in our community that we have a great facility here in Windsor with a lot of good people. I want to give back because I’ve been given a lot to help me battle and fight this.”

Steve Gregetz

Meet Steve

“June of 2021, I was just getting ready to retire, when I discovered a lump under my neck. Then, in late October, I was actually on a camping trip when I got the call. The doctor wanted me to come in, but I told her I was camping and a phone call was all I could do. She told me they found cancer cells in my lymph nodes.

It just was this rush of confusion, not really understanding what I heard at first. It was like somebody punched me in the gut. I couldn’t figure out where it came from or why it was there. I just wanted to get some answers.

The official diagnosis is Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which for me, was a tumor on the very far back reaches of my tongue. Cancer had spread from there into my lymph node.

I was envisioning at first having to drive to London, which would have been a bit of a challenge, so having the opportunity to be closer to home for treatment was way better for my situation.

Once the treatment started, everybody I came in contact with at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre was positive. They were so good to me.”

Team Up For Grow On Windsor

“It’s a crappy situation for anyone to go through, so to have people there
that were receptive to what my needs were, was incredible. If I had questions, they answered all of them with a friendly smile. I can’t say enough about how friendly and open everybody was to helping me go through that journey.

I’m back being physically active. I’m doing things that I normally do, like playing hockey, and I feel good.

Life is good in retirement!”