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While large ticket items often appear on the wish list of the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, there are plenty of smaller items that, if available, will transform a patient’s experience during their appointment. Below is a list of regularly purchased items that are on hand in part because of generous devoted donors like you.

The Power Of Automated Monthly Donations

Your generous donation will support local cancer care for patients in our community. Your generosity will have an immediate as well as a long lasting impact in our community.

All funds raised stay local.

By filling out the form, you authorize the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation to charge your credit card on the predetermined payment schedule. Authorization can be changed or cancelled by calling our office at 519-254-5577 ext. 58557.

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Receiving treatment close to home was truly a blessing. My family was by my side. The nurses became part of my family, too. They shared my hardest moments and gave me tremendous support.

Paula, local cancer patient

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At any time, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation accepts the following donations. You have the choice to send a one-time donation, set up an automatic monthly donation, or dedicate your one time donation in honour of a loved one.

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