The Donor Difference | Spring 2023 Newsletter

Letter from our Executive Director

As a generous donor, you have shown tremendous support for local cancer patients and their care team. Because of you, the staff at the Windsor Regional Cancer Program can give local cancer patients the best possible treatment and care.

Our own Chief of Oncology, Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, has a special message for you. She is also one of five 2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassadors. After a routine screening, Dr. Kanjeekal was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December 2022. She knows the tremendous impact your donations have made. Not only as the leading Oncologist, but also as a patient receiving treatment and care right here in Windsor.

“I am proof that cancer does not discriminate. Cancer can strike any one of us, at any time. I am also proof that there’s power in early detection. To my utter shock and disbelief, my cancer screening detected a suspicious mass, and biopsy confirmed it was cancer. I had no risk factors and no family history of breast cancer.

Because of your generous donations, I was able to receive cancer care right here in my community. Just a few years ago, women had to travel to London or Toronto – but now – I was able to stay home and receive world class care.

As donors, many of you have been touched by cancer in some profound way. Your gifts will absolutely help a neighbour, a friend or a family member who is facing cancer right now or who may have to deal with it in the future.”

– Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Cancer Survivor, Chief of Oncology at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre

We will continue to share patient stories with you, so you can connect with those in our community that have truly benefitted from your generosity. We are driven by a promise to serve our cancer community, and none of this is possible without you.

With gratitude,

Houida Kassem, Executive Director, Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation

What Was It Like To Be Told You Have Cancer?

From left to right: Tina Roy, Paula DeVito, Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Pam Brajak Mady, Kathleen Turner

Our 2023 Lock Out Cancer Ambassadors are committed to sharing their experience in the hopes of raising awareness and funds to support cancer patients in our community. Each woman has faced cancer and received care at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre. Sindu, Tina, Paula, Pam, and Kathleen open up about the moment they received their diagnosis.

Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal

“I ducked out to take the call from my doctor. ‘Sindu, the pathology is back, and its cancer’, the news stopped me in my tracks. Everything I knew about cancer flooded my mind. I thought about my kids. Then I took a deep breath, and went back to work in my clinic, because I had a lot of people who still needed me.”

Tina Roy

“‘So, what’s next?’ were the first words out of my mouth. I remember feeling focused – not sad or emotional. My heart and mind were in a positive space, and I was ready to take all the help I could get. I just needed to figure out how I was going to get through this.”

Paula DeVito

“How can I have cancer? What are we going to tell the kids? I wondered if I’d be a little different afterwards. I reassured my husband beside me, ‘Well, we’ll just have to beat this. We’ll get through this together.’ I needed to stay as positive and optimistic as I can.”

Pam Brajak Mady

“I remember every moment. Only everything was moving in slow motion. I felt the word cancer coming out of her mouth before she said it. My poor husband – with a sick wife. Instantly I could tell the doctor was very concerned for me. Oddly enough, my first instinct was to comfort THEM. Looking back, I guess it was easier to feel their pain than my own.”

Kathleen Turner

“I was in total shock. I’m only 25. How could I possibly be diagnosed with cancer? I started thinking of everyone in my life that has been affected by cancer. I know they would want me to fight. I had a wedding to plan.”

Donate In Honour of a Lock Out Cancer Ambassador

The Donor Difference

Your Support Has The Power To Give Local Cancer Patients More Time

When you make a donation, your gift supports cancer awareness, research, and treatment for local patients, just like Brandon Smith.

After being diagnosed with Stage Four Melanoma, Brandon began a new immunotherapy treatment offered right here in Windsor. Brandon’s new breakthrough treatment is a direct result of cancer research and clinical trials.

His ongoing treatment is critical for Brandon to continue living his life as a twin-girl Dad.

Thanks to donors like you, cancer patients like Brandon have access to breakthrough treatments that will extend his life. Because of your gift, Brandon has more time to share beautiful moments with his family.

Local Cancer Statistics

Can you guess the correct statistics from the Windsor Regional Cancer Program in 2022? The numbers tell a significant part of the story. Your donations are impacting thousands of people right here in our community. Hover over a quiz question to see the correct answer at the bottom of the image.

Devoted Donor Program

You can make an immediate and long lasting impact on cancer patients in our community. By joining the Devoted Donor program, your automated monthly donations will support the ongoing needs of local cancer patients.



Provides one freshly laundered warm robe to wear during radiation treatment



One confined patient will receive a vital house call by a technician to conduct lab tests



Covers one month wheelchair rental for patients accessing the Patient Assistance Fund

100% of your automated monthly donation stays local to support cancer patients in need. Give Today.