Grow On Windsor Ambassadors

2022 Grow On Windsor Ambassadors

Meet the faces of Grow On Windsor: Brandon Smith, Gary Arora, Jermaine Jackson, Adrian Vido, and Robert Franz. Each of these men have received care from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre. As Grow On Windsor Ambassadors, they are committed to raising awareness and funds for men living with cancer in our region. Throughout the month of November, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about their stories here on our website, through Facebook, Instagram (@WindsorCCF), and Twitter, and at Events across the region.


We Grow On Together

Brandon, Gary, Jermaine, Adrian, and Robert each have unique experiences, yet there’s a commonality that bonds them – they knew that, to face cancer, they could not, and should not face it alone. During the month of November, each man will share his story. They’ll open up about the support received from family, loved ones and local healthcare heroes. This is the true spirit of Grow On Windsor – the community coming together to raise funds in support of cancer awareness, research, and treatment for men living in our region.

What Grow On Windsor 2022 Will Fund

By donating to Grow On Windsor, you are helping to provide funding for important items that support cancer awareness, research, and treatment for men living in our region. Your generous donation will support the purchase of equipment and services to provide:

  • Brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer
  • Advanced radiation treatment for brain tumours, lesions, and cancers on the skin
  • Enhancement of seven cancer outpatient rooms

Below is the complete list of items being funded for Grow On Windsor 2022

Brachytherapy Prostate Contract: to continue providing brachytherapy treatment for men with prostate cancer.

SRS Phantom: delivers a high dose of radiation in a single fraction. This highly specialized and sophisticated phantom will assist in the delivery of SRS treatments to patients with brain tumours with the highest precision and accuracy.

DQA3: to continue to deliver precise and accurate radiation treatment to patients.

Roos Electron Chamber: delivers electron beam treatment to ensure the accuracy of the radiation dose calculations. Accuracy is crucial, and the Roos chamber design is high precision.

Advanced Markus Electron Chamber: for continued delivery of electron beam treatment for superficial lesions and skin cancer.

Examination Sets: to outfit outpatient examination rooms to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered by our Windsor Regional Cancer Program care team. These examination sets include various equipment such as an ophthalmoscope, otoscope, thermometer, and more.